Automated Used Cooking Oil Systems

Why Automate UCO Recycling?

An automated used cooking oil handling system ensures your staff never handle hot oil again. No burns, slips, falls, workmens comp claims, missed days or legal issues. Incorporating fresh oil service into a total oil management system saves your restaurant money, up to 10%. And you may be able to automate for free. Lastly, grease theft is becoming a more prevalent problem. Automated systems help protect your oil.

Automated Cooking Oil Management Systems

Our high-tech restaurant cooking oil recycling systems provide fresh oil storage and delivery, as well as automated cooking oil storage tanks to contain and recycle used oil. Safely and easily transfer used oil from fryer to storage tank.

Fresh Oil Direct to Your Fryers

Our fresh oil dispensing system is an optional add-on to your automated grease recycling package. Sends oil directly to your fryers with a push of a button. No more spilling, splashing or hauling oil.

Simple, Easy, Low-tech Options

Not every kitchen can accommodate, nor does every restaurateur want, a cooking oil management system with automated tanks. (There can be plumbing, electrical, piping and space issues.)

ReGrease provides practical, safe solutions such as the oil shuttle and manual caddy to easily and safely transport used cooking oil from fryer to storage bin. The best in cooking oil disposal and restaurant grease recycling solutions.

Why use an automated cooking oil system?

Managing the risks of used cooking oil is a burden and a headache. An automated system takes that burden away and lets you focus on what matters most, managing your restaurant.

What are the benefits of an automated system?

An automated system streamlines the operation of your kitchen and makes it more efficient. It saves you money by reducing slips, falls, burns, spills, theft and time off work. It also lowers workmen’s comp claims and insurance premiums.

Can I afford an automated system?

ReGrease is so sure of the benefits you’ll see that they will work with you to minimize or eliminate your out of pocket cost.

We need an automated used cooking oil system, but can’t afford the cost. What can we do?

If your oil volume is sufficient ReGrease will work with you so there is no out of pocket cost.

Are we leasing an automated used cooking oil system or do we own it?

Unlike large competitors, with us you own your system and you can choose your own fresh oil.

Ready to get started?

We invite both existing & prospective clients to join in our recycling movement to promote a cleaner and greener future. Contact us today to begin new service. We look forward to serving you!

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