Setting Up UCO Recycling Service

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Getting Started with UCO Collection

Used cooking oil disposal is the process of getting your used cooking oil into a recycling stream to prevent it from harming the environment. ReGrease is your first point of contact for used cooking oil disposal in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas.

Setting up your grease collection service with ReGrease is easy:

During your first call:

During your first call with ReGrease we will ask you about the number of fryers you have and the size of your restaurant. We will discuss your experiences with cooking oil recycling, what has worked, what hasn’t and what preferences you have. We’ll talk about the opening hours of your restaurant and the best times to pick up your used cooking grease.

Then we’ll talk about storage options and transport equipment options for your kitchen grease.

Storage Options

Automated Grease Recycling Systems

We will discuss the benefits of an automated grease recycling system and whether that option is a good fit for you and your restaurant. Our automated systems can save you time and money and move oil from the fryers to the storage tank without your employees ever having to touch it. Our automated tanks prevent spills, accidents and theft and leave the back of the restaurant looking clean and neat. Employees love this option for safety and convenience.

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If you have self-filtering fryers we can install a direct-connect system which pipes the oil from the fryers right into the storage tanks. If you do not have self-filtering fryers we can set  up a wand to transport the oil from the fryer through the pipes to the tank. And if setting up pipes from fryers to tanks doesn’t suit you, we can provide a caddy to empty the oil from the fryer and push it over to the storage tank and pump it into the tank. All three methods of transporting the used oil provide the same benefits of safety, cost savings and theft prevention.

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Outdoor Tanks

Many restaurants continue to prefer the outdoor tank and manually moving the oil to the tank. ReGrease’s outdoor tanks are the best available. They are made of heavy gauge steel and have a grate on top to prevent solids from being deposited with the used oil. They are locked for safety. These tanks also have an angled top to make it very easy for our shortening shuttles to be emptied into them.

ReGrease has some great low-tech methods to help you move your oil from your fryers to the recycling bin. Ask them about their ReGrease shuttle, a great tool to make it easy to transport grease safely to an outdoor oil bin.

Check out the ReGrease Shuttle here.

Our skilled technicians will advise you on what they think will work best for your restaurant. The equipment will be delivered and installed. An initial pickup schedule will be set to begin service while our software learns and can accurately predict when your tank will be near full.

After your tank is full a ReGrease pumper truck will come to your location and empty the used oil from the storage tank you have selected. Soon you will not have to think about used cooking oil again. You can rest assured that your kitchen is safe, that you are in compliance with local and EPA regulations and are not contributing to clogged types or climate change.

Grease Trap Cleaning

ReGrease not only collects and recycles used cooking oil but we clean and pump grease traps. So when your technician arrives, ask them to set up a grease trap cleaning or call to schedule one yourself. We professionally clean traps, insure they are in good working order and provide a written manifest for the pumping as well as any work performed. We will insure you are well prepared for your next grease trap inspection.

Grease is recycled

ReGrease brings your grease to their rendering plant in the Texas Triangle and begins purifying the grease so it can be made ready for manufacturing into biodiesel or renewable diesel. Relax and enjoy the fact that you are contributing to the efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and climate change.

Why does the price that a used cooking oil company pays a restaurant for used cooking oil change?

UCO is a commodity, so its price changes constantly based on the supply and demand for the product. But there are also other factors at play. Some of the factors that can influence the amount of money that a used cooking oil recycler can pay a restaurant for its oil include:

Ready to get started?

We invite both existing & prospective clients to join in our recycling movement to promote a cleaner and greener future. Contact us today to begin new service. We look forward to serving you!

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