Used Cooking Oil Recycling FAQs

General Questions About Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Why recycle used cooking oil?

There are myriad reasons to recycle used cooking oil. Here are a few:
-it prevents harm to the environment
-it prevents clogging of pipes, sewers and waterways
-it produces lower emitting bio-based fuels
-it reduces the demand for land and crops to produce biofuels
-it creates jobs in the community
-it protects restaurants from odors, accidents and rodents

How do you recycle used cooking oil?

Drain  oil from fryers into either an indoor tank or outdoor bin or barrel. Contract with a licensed used cooking oil recycling company such as ReGrease to pick up your used cooking oil. They will pick up your used cooking oil and begin processing the used cooking oil to make cleaner burning renewable diesel fuel.

Can you pour used cooking oil down the drain?

No. Never pour used cooking oil down the drain. Pouring used cooking oil down the drain is probably the worst thing you can do with your used cooking oil. It can do serious damage to your pipes, your plumbing, your sewer system and public waterways.

Why should a restaurant recycle cooking grease?

Restaurants recycle cooking grease to help the environment, keep their restaurants and employees safe, keep their plumbing clean and comply with EPA regulations and local health codes. Here is how recycling grease works at ReGrease.

How should I choose a cooking oil recycling company?

Choosing a reliable and responsive cooking grease partner is very important. It is essential to find someone you trust, who is available 24/7 for emergencies, can offer the automation and grease bins you need. You also want them to have liability insurance and be fully licensed with the state in which they operate. Here are the questions to ask your grease collector.
When prices are high many fly-by-nighters show up and then disappear when prices drop. You want a local, consistent provider with strong service recommendations and a number of years in the business.

What is recycled cooking oil used for?

Recycled oil is most commonly made into animal feed and both biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels.

Can you recycle all types of used cooking oil?

Yes, you can recycle all types of cooking oil from soy to lard.     

Questions About Automating Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Why do restaurants automate used cooking oil disposal?

There are numerous benefits which include:
-Saving on plumbing bills
-Safety of employees
-Lower insurance premiums
-Prevention of grease theft
-Cleanliness of restaurant kitchens
-A better restaurant product
-Increased sales

How much do cooking oil systems cost?

Cooking oil systems have come down in price. At ReGrease your cooking oil automation may be free if you produce enough used cooking oil. The benefits can be extraordinary.

Questions About Used Cooking Oil Theft

Why do people steal used cooking oil?

Because of the products used cooking oil can be recycled into, biodiesel in particular, used cooking oil has real value. Learn about the real cost of cooking oil theft.

How can we stop used cooking oil theft?

Check out our links to environmental crime units in TX.

What can a restaurant do to prevent used cooking oil theft?

Restaurants can help work to prevent theft in four ways:

-Install an indoor automated used cooking oil system
-Install a camera pointing at your outdoor oil collection bin
-Use a locked oil bin
-Report instances of used cooking oil theft

How Companies Manage Used Cooking Oil

How do hotels manage used cooking oil?

Hotels present unique challenges to the handling of used cooking oil. Here are ways to manage cooking oil in a hotel.

How do strip malls handle used cooking grease?

Strip malls have a variety of layouts for effective management of used cooking oil. Here are options for handling used cooking oil at a strip mall.

How can I get paid for used cooking oil?

To get paid top dollar for used cooking oil you must provide reasonably clean used cooking to your used cooking oil recycling partner. Here is how you get paid top dollar for restaurant grease.

Why should I use a local used cooking oil collector?

Local used cooking oil providers often provide better service. They also provide jobs for local workers.

Why is the grease bin important to a restaurant?

Grease bins are important to a restaurant for employee safety, the look of the restaurant to customers and for preventing grease theft. Here is how to care for your grease bin.

Saving Money on Cooking Oil

How can you lower the cost of used cooking oil?

Lower the cost of your cooking oil by choosing the best value cooking oil and following our guidelines for reducing the cost of your cooking oil.

What is the best cooking oil?

The best oil for cooking is the one that produces the best product at the lowest cost. This varies from restaurant to restaurant with the food and temperature of the oil.

How to slow the rising cost of cooking oil?

High cooking oil prices brought challenges  following the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Here are ways to reduce the cost of cooking oil.

What is polishing used cooking oil?

Polishing of cooking oil is the removal of contaminants with chemical polishing agents. Polishing keeps cooking oil working longer.

What to Know About Grease Traps

What is a grease trap inspection?

Local health departments inspect grease traps to make sure they are installed and function in compliance with health department regulations. Here is preparation for a grease trap inspection.

What is grease trap maintenance?

ReGrease provides regular grease trap maintenance to ensure your equipment is running smoothly and your restaurant stays clean and in compliance with all local and state regulations. Our technicians offer inexpensive professional service for your business. Check out our grease trap services here.

How do floods affect grease traps?

Floods can cause significant damage to a grease trap system. With climate change bringing more frequent and intense downpours to some communities, maintaining your grease trap after a flood is critical to your restaurant.

How do food trucks handle grease traps?

Food trucks are everywhere and growing rapidly. Here are the trends for food trucks and how food trucks handle grease.

Biodiesel vs. Renewable Diesel

What is the difference between biodiesel and renewable diesel?

Biodiesel and Renewable diesel are made by different chemical processes. Biodiesel must be blended with regular diesel but renewable diesel is a drop-in fuel that is chemical identical to regular diesel. 

How much is used cooking oil worth?

Used cooking oil can be used to make animal feed, cosmetics and soaps but is mainly used to produce biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels.  The Jacobsen index is used by some traders as an indication of the value of used cooking oil.

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