How to Fight Grease Theft

oil and grease collection

The rise in grease theft

Grease theft is a rising crime. It is not victimless and the thieves are dangerous. It can impact your restaurant, your staff, even your customers. With the rising price of biodiesel (which is made from used cooking oil) thieves steal many thousands of dollars of used cooking oil every day. They break and destroy expensive equipment, create spills and hazards, and have threatened employees and owners. The spills create environmental hazards.

How to report grease theft

If you witness a grease theft in Texas in real time, call 911 to report it. If you, like many restaurant owners and managers in Houston and the surrounding areas, are seeing a pattern of theft. It’s time to build a relationship with your local environmental investigations unit. They investigate environmental crime—like the theft of cooking oil that results in spills and contamination of waterways. They can help initiate criminal investigations.

Here is a list of Environmental Investigations Units that can help fight grease theft in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas.

Environmental Crime Units in the Texas Triangle:


Environmental Investigations Unit (Houston Police Dept.)


Harris County

Harris County Environmental Crimes

Precinct 4 Criminal Investigations


Fort Bend County

Environmental Health



Travis County

Environmental Investigations


Hays County

Environmental Crime Unit


San Antonio

Bexar County

Environmental Law Enforcement