transporting used cooking oil

4 Ways of Transporting Used Cooking Oil

Transporting Used Cooking Oil is one of the most dangerous and hated jobs in commercial kitchens. Doing it safely and easily is crucial running a safe, efficient restaurant. Here are 4 ways of transporting used cooking oil even while hot: 

  1. The Shortening Shuttle 

The Shortening Shuttle is a rectangular column with an open end. The column is laid flat with the opening face up and slid under the fryer. Oil is emptied into the column, then the column is raised by the open end and pushed on wheels to the oil dumpster. The open end is placed against the top of the dumpster while the operator lifts the closed end and dumps the cooking oil into the dumpster through the opening. This is a low-tech but safe way of transporting used cooking oil to the oil dumpster. 

transporting oil shuttle
  1. The Eco Tub 

The Eco tub is rolled next to the fryer and oil is scooped from the fryer into the tub. The tub has a sealed cover for safety. The Eco tub can then be stored under a counter or sink and wheeled to the door when a grease collector comes to pump the grease from the tub into his truck. This is a relatively safe, low-tech way of transporting used cooking oil. 

move used cooking oil
  1. The Oil Caddy 

There are a few methods to get the oil in and out of a caddy. The caddy is a box on wheels with a handle for pushing it around. The caddy can be pushed under a fryer and the oil released into the caddy tank. The caddy can also be filled by using a wand (discussed next) to pump the oil from the fryer into the caddy’s tank.  

Emptying the oil depends on the type of indoor tank employed to store it. Some caddies are equipped with a pump to push the oil into the storage tank. Other tanks have a hose and connection fitted to the caddy and suck the oil into the tank rather than have it pumped from the caddy. The caddy is a higher tech and safe way of transporting used cooking oil. 

move used cooking oil caddy
  1. The Wand 

The wand looks like the end of a garden hose, equipped with a filter, to prevent solid particles from entering the pump system to which it is attached.  It can be used to move the oil from a fryer into a caddy or along a plumbed system which goes to a storage tank. In either case the wand functions as the end of a pump sucking oil in from a fryer or caddy and in some cases pushing the oil into a storage tank. A wand with attached pump is a very effective and safe way of transporting used cooking oil. 

Restaurants spend $12B each year on slips, falls and burns most of which are associated with used cooking oil. Safely transporting used cooking oil saves money, reduces insurance premiums, keeps employees safe and reduces Workmen’s comp claims. If you are wheeling or pushing open containers across the parking lot it’s time for a better solution. Call ReGrease today. (link to ReGrease landing page) 

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