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Low-tech systems for handling used cooking oil

High-tech systems for the disposal of UCO are everywhere. But sometimes a restaurant may be better off with low tech solutions for handling used cooking oil. Perhaps your kitchen can’t accommodate large indoor tanks or you’d prefer not to have piping installed around your kitchen. Maybe the wifi notification to tell you your waste oil tank is full just isn’t what you need.

ReGrease offers two low tech solutions for handling used cooking oil that ensure your employees are safe, your kitchen stays clean and no one has to haul or lift hot oil. The used oil storage bins remain outside or in a protected area, but the oil transport devices (the oil caddy and shuttle) are what make the difference in worker safety and restaurant cleanliness.

The used cooking oil shuttle

The least expensive low tech solution for handling used cooking oil

The shuttle, laid flat, slides under the drain of your fryer and the UCO empties into it. Picking up one end of the shuttle a kitchen worker can wheel the shuttle to the bin, pick it up by its base, then empty the shuttle into the waste oil bin. It stores easily and avoids anyone having to carry hot oil.  Here’s how it works.

The Manual Used Cooking Oil Caddy

The best low tech solution for handling used cooking oil is the manual oil caddy. The caddy is wheeled to the fryer. A hand crank sucks the oil from the fryer. Then the caddy is wheeled to the waste oil bin and the process is reversed, depositing the UCO through the wand into the oil bin. Here is the manual oil caddy in action.

In challenging economic times low tech solutions for  handling used cooking oil can be installed quickly, inexpensively and may just do exactly what your restaurant needs. ReGrease offers options for every kitchen. Check out our automation page to see which one is right for your restaurant.

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