recycling cooking oil at a strip mall

What is the best cooking oil disposal setup for strip malls?

The best cooking oil disposal setup for strip malls is determined  by who takes responsibility for the recycling of the oil. Is each individual restaurant responsible or is the property owner/manager responsible? When the responsibility is ill-defined you usually end up with a mess. 

Shared Solution

A shared solution is often the best solution for strip malls. This setup consists of a single indoor or outdoor locked grease bin. Each restaurant is supplied with a clean, safe mobile transport system, such as a caddy, to deliver their used cooking oil to the grease tank. 

The benefit to the restaurants is that they use minimal space in their kitchens to store the mobile transport devices. They don’t need to store an entire tank. The single grease container means there is only one company responsible for picking up and recycling the used oil and keeping the area around the container clean and safe. In this setup, the property owner/manager is responsible for employing the recycling company and the lines of responsibility are clear. All equipment is provided by a single recycling company, and that company should conduct clean and efficient pickups.

Since the  property manager has overall responsibility he can be certain that his property is in compliance with local ordinances for grease disposal.

If the storage tank is an automated indoor tank then there are several methods of transport available. The indoor tanks can be outfitted with a wand that sucks the grease from a caddy, an Eco-tub or similar container. 

Individual Solution

If the property manager does not want responsibility for the cooking oil disposal setup or if the mall is large and spread out, then individual restaurants may each have their own setup. 

If one of the restaurants produces a large volume of oil then an indoor system may make sense for that restaurant. Others might use outdoor tanks. Having multiple vendors arriving to collect grease is not ideal, so if the restaurants as a group can decide to employ a single recycling company that is a better solution.

Either solution can be made to work effectively. The shared solution with the property manager responsible, a single recycling company, and a single central storage tank is usually the best solution for all parties. It conserves space, leaves just one area to keep clean and ensures just one party is responsible.

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