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4 Reasons You Need a Cooking Oil Management System

A cooking oil management system is a must-have for successful restaurants. This blog will explain the benefits of these systems to your restaurant and why you can’t afford to be without one.

The benefits of a cooking oil management system are in the:

  • Safety of your employees
  • Cleanliness of your kitchen
  • Savings to your bottom line
  • Sales of your product

Safety of your employees

Protecting your employees is a top priority and ensuring they never handle hot grease is the best way to protect them and your restaurant. Most kitchen accidents, slips, falls and burns are caused by grease.

With a cooking oil management system, hot grease is contained in tanks and pipes and is never touched by employees, so most accidents are eliminated.

Cleanliness of your kitchen

Ever see a customer peek into your kitchen?  Only most of them? What are they looking for? They are looking at the preparation of their meal. Is the food appetizing?  Is the counter clean? Is there grease on the floor? Do the employees look clean?  Do they look in the parking lot at the grease tank and grease on the asphalt? 

If your kitchen looks clean, patrons will return. If the parking lot is a mess, with rodents running through grease you will lose customers. And with two years of pandemic rules behind them customers are paying closer attention than ever.

Automation keeps your kitchen and grease collection area clean and your customers coming back.

Savings to your bottom line

Every restaurant faces financial stress. The bureau of labor statistics reports that the food service industry suffers losses of $12B ( that’s billion!) every year due to slips, falls and burns in commercial kitchens. Most of those accidents involve grease. Think of workmens’ comp claims, employees out of work, lawsuits, insurance premiums and regulatory fines.  

A used cooking oil management system can help you avoid the lawsuits, the fines, the claims and the time out of work. Restaurateurs often find their payback on a system is less than 12 months. 

Sales of your product

We all love the taste of fried food. The flavor and texture of fried food varies with the type of oil used, the cleanliness of the oil, the temperature and cooking time. Do you know when to filter your oil, top it off or replace it?  A cooking oil management system helps you do that which means it helps  keep your food tasting great. Great tasting food means more customers, and more repeat customers means higher sales.

How to get a cooking oil management system

So, if safety, sales, cleanliness and savings are important to you and your restaurant, you need to have automated UCO management. Regrease can help you get one for little to no out of pocket money. Find out how. 

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