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Used Cooking Oil in the Mobile Food Industry 

Mobile Food Industry Size

Globally the Food truck industry is nearly 6 billion dollars and growing at 6+%. 

The mobile food industry has thrived by diversifying from sandwich and fast food concept into gourmet food service with a variety of specialties from Mexican to Thai. Food trucks don’t just park near construction sites or heavily trafficked downtown streets. They gather at large festivals and events and serve as pop-up for chefs trying out new concepts. 


Food trucks and mobile food vendors are heavily regulated in most cities. In Texas, food truck regulations vary by county and municipality. Safety in food handling, parking, sanitizing, commissary inspections and a host of other regulations must be adhered to.

Vegan Offerings

Vegan offerings are a new trend for food trucks with Indian food leading the way.

Plant based burgers are also showing dramatic growth. The planet is eating less meat as more become conscious of the impact of raising beef on climate change, not to mention its increased prices.

Pandemic Driven Casual-Elegant

But mobile food service is not just a cart or a truck any longer. Popup restaurants are growing dramatically. Post-pandemic haze has caused some to resist the more formal dining of a fancy restaurant. Trying elegant, creative food in a casual atmosphere is a hot trend. Chefs trying out new recipes or menus use popups for a day or a rooftop location open for months at a time.

Restaurateurs can test out a new location, work with digital marketing promotions, check out new technology and perhaps cut costs on a bricks and mortar startup. Effectively it is live marketing research, a great idea in an industry where 80% of restaurants fail within 5 years. 

Marketing has taken on new trends as websites specialize in locating and broadcasting exciting new popup locations

And environmentally friendly packaging is a hot trend for food trucks. If your clients go vegan, reduce their beef intake or avoid eating intelligent creatures, chances are they are probably very conscious of the waste they create. Food trucks and popups are all over this trend of biodegradable packaging.

Food Truck-Friendly Events

With people reemerging from covid inactivity, events, from concerts to races are on the rise and food trucks and pop-ups are a great way to serve the changeable tastes of a younger generation.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling for Food Trucks

Used cooking oil is a problem for every mobile truck or pop-up. Small quantities can be taken back to the commissary and dumped in an oil bin for pickup up by your used cooking oil collector. But, more often containers that fit within a mobile food business make easier work of responsible disposal. An automated system that collects used cooking oil right from the fryer or an under counter caddy allows easy access for your UCO collector to recycle your used cooking oil.

ReGrease has tanks to fit every food truck or pop-up and the signage to let you tell your customers you are recycling cooking oil and helping to mitigate climate change. 


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